Touch & Unconditional Love

Metamorphic Technique & Unconditional Love

In the 1960’s in England, the first insights pointing to a new form of touch came through for two men, Robert St.John and Gaston Saint-Pierre. They developed a practice which allowed the practitioner to act as the earth to the seed, our client.  This was not about doing something to them but a way of holding space for their own life force to transform them. After teaching this work for 11 years, I renamed it Metamorphic Touch. 

Out time in the womb establishes the blueprint for our life

Metamorphic touch acts as a  catalyst for deep and lasting transformation from within. By touching points on the feet, hands and head which correspond to our time in the womb, we get in touch with our powerful and formative beginnings. These nine months are when we set up the blueprint for our life. Mum’s stresses here give rise to patterns which will affect us on all levels. They may appear as limiting beliefs, fears and insecurities, self sabotage, and even physical issues. They shape our sense of self, our relationship to others, the way we go out into the world and share our work, and even our relationship to life. Our birth will shape how we move forwards and take action when it’s important.

The cells hold our blueprint

This practice involves a gentle and loving touch on parts of the body which encode the blueprint for our life, established during gestation. These days it’s common knowledge that our cells encode all our patterns. There are so many interesting stories of organ recipients taking on the donor’s characteristics after the transplant. Some have cravings for the donor’s favourite foods, others start reading their donor’s favourite novels.

A space of unconditional love

In this work we never try to change or fix anyone, as they are a perfect expression of their consciousness at this moment in time. You do not have to discuss issues or problems. We are interested in transformation, and in bringing forth more of our potential. Transformation can never be imposed on someone and has to come from within, from the person’s own Life Force directed by their innate intelligence. When we give a session we commit to leaving a free space, in which they can transform.

Noticing and letting it be

The intention to leave a free space is the practice of unconditional love which we call detachment. We trust Life and the life that they are. We  bring our attention to the person we work on, we notice the facts and we commit to letting them be exactly as they are. If we were to counsel or direct them we would get in the way of the authentic movement of their being.

Transformation comes from within

“Nobody on earth can give you the key or the door to open, except yourself” wrote the Indian sage Krishnamurti. The key in this work is that any changes or healing come from within. We do not seek to impose our ideas about what’s right for them. 

Mothers, therapists, and anyone interested in moving forwards

I teach a lot of mums who to use this technique with their families, as it is the perfect approach for family life. Therapists and healers also come, wanting to expand their abilities and learn something very different.  And I teach a lot of people who want to move forwards in their life, which is common in transformational times such as these. My friend and teacher, Gaston Saint-Pierre, used to say that people find their way to this work when they are already in transformation and are merely seeking a catalyst, just as the seed seeks the earth in order to unleash its potential.

In 2004, I began training in Metamorphic Technique with it's founder, Gaston Saint-Pierre. I became a practitioner, then a teacher in 2006, which led me to run workshops all around the world. I then created Sacred Life Alchemy, the Co-Create with the Field Manifesting Process, and Heart Listening, three profound healing systems to transform your reality into more of what you want. In 2017, I renamed my  teaching Metamorphic Touch to reflect the new insights and perspectives I bring to this approach. Metamorphic Touch is a powerful healing modality to transform your life.