The Touch of Love

the touch of love

Metamorphic touch is loving touch. We gently stroke points that correspond to our time in the womb. This is a formative period where we establish the blueprint for our life to come. When we touch this blueprint on the feet, hands and head it evokes our essence, like coming home to the ground of our being.

Self love

When I first discovered this work I gave myself regular sessions and made sure I swapped with a friend at least once a week. I knew that I was bigger than the life I was living and eager to discover more of myself. Somehow I sensed that transformation could not be imposed from outside but had to come from within.

The touch of love

When we give a session we offer the touch of love. Not personal or romantic love that needs something in return. We offer uncontional love which allows the person to be exactly as they are, and to grow in whatever way is right for them.


Because we offer love in this way we commit to leaving a free space in which they can just be as they are. We notice all they bring to the session and then let them be. This is a deep space of loving and allowing. There is profound trust in life and in the life that expresses itself as them.


I gave a session to a man who had suffered severe abuse as a child. He was very wary of touch. When I gently took his foot into my hands he slowly let himself drop, realising how boundaried and non invasive my movements were. At the end of the session he was profoundly moved. He said that he had never been touched in such a nourishing and tender way.

Welcoming their wholeness

In this practice we welcome the wholeness of each person we touch. We love their empowerment as well as their challenges, knowing that in every apparent difficulty there is potential yet to be revealed. We know they are perfect, and they can move forward from where they are now to where they can be, when it is right for them.

Not imposing our ideas

A metamorphic touch practitioner will never offer their ideas or opinions about what is right for you. After all, how could they really know? But you know, and your life force and innate intelligence can guide you to unimaginable expansion when you keep out of the way and let the life within you flow.

Not putting up obstacles

We all have different ways of getting in the way of our own transformation. Often the mind gets in the way of our movement. Life wants to grow us and our thoughts and beliefs put up barriers and stop us from taking that next step. Sometimes we block transformation on an emotional level and fear holds us back. A metamorphic technique session is a willingness to stop putting obstacles in the way of the naturally transformative movement of our being.

The gift of love

When you learn the metamorphic touch to work on yourself and others you offer many different things all at once. First there is this gorgeous touch, a lovely way to connect with anyone. Then there is the freedom, love and deep respect you bring to this shared space with your attitude of detachment. Finally there is the catalyst of your touch: a catalyst to the person’s life force and innate intelligence with all it’s power to transform them in a way that is right for them.

Much love, Dominique

In 2004, I began training in Metamorphic Technique with it's founder, Gaston Saint-Pierre. I became a practitioner, then a teacher in 2006, which led me to run workshops all around the world. I then created Sacred Life Alchemy, the Co-Create with the Field Manifesting Process, and Heart Listening, three profound healing systems to transform your reality into more of what you want. In 2017, I renamed my  teaching Metamorphic Touch to reflect the new insights and perspectives I bring to this approach. Metamorphic Touch is a powerful healing modality to transform your life.