Explore some feedback from people who have have learned Metamorphic Touch. 

I wanted to express my whole hearted gratitude for all your wonderful and wonder-full teaching on the Metamorphic workshop. The way you delivered the training, as teacher and storyteller was absolutely fascinating and I was deeply moved by the accounts you gave of others who have received the treatment from you. I was transfixed! I hadn’t slept the night before which usually means I can’t focus during the day, but at your workshop I was completely focused. The content I felt was very detailed and you answered all my questions. I learned so much and I absolutely loved it. When I left I headed back to the woodland where I was staying and told everyone about it. That evening my dear friend and sister in law as unusually quiet, I thought she was just tired. Later she disappeared off to her tent. About 20 mins later, her sister told me that she needed a hug. I went straight to her tent and found her sobbing with another friends arms around her. She was upset because she is due to go into hospital in October for a hysterectomy and it was dawning on her and the fact that her next period was the last one she would ever have. I’ve known her for 10 years and she’s not one to cry much, she’s quite tough and pretty grounded, and good business woman and all that. I held her hand and acknowledged that she was sad to be losing apart of her body, she said this was what was upsetting her. I said I could give her a treatment the next morning as it was late. The next day I gave her a treatment and she found it so relaxing, she sat for about an hour, which she never does. She got a lot out of it and we agreed that I would give her another treatment when she is going into hospital, and hopefully before. This was such a loving experience for me and I realised how much I loved giving the treatment. Thanks without end, this message comes with much love. Alison
Wonderful course cosmic : such a macro and micro cosmic consciousness : loving touch approach. 
Thank you Dominique, Ann-Marie Avory
Thank you for this opportunity to learn the gentle way – for transformation to happen we only need the lightest of touches… xxx Satu

‘Dominique is a very gifted, natural teacher. She made it fun and relaxing.’ Liz Bygrave
‘The workshop was really inspirational. I am looking forward to taking this technique forward with family and friends’ Karen Ballam

‘Best money I ever spent on myself!’ A Nicola

‘Thank you so much Dominique. I really enjoyed your open and caring delivery, I got so much out of the weekend.’ Jennifer, Sydney Australia

‘Excellent teacher, motivating and presents the material very well.’ Rebecca Tichner

‘Amazing workshop! I felt really involved in both the theory and the hands on part. MT is such a powerful tool for personal transformation, I am so glad to have discovered it. Thank you Dominique for being such an inspirational teacher!’  Erica Albini

‘WOW!! What a weekend that was. Two days immersed in the Metamorphic Touch with a group of wonderful souls including the amazing Dominique Mallee Meeroff. I’m inspired beyond belief.’ Karen Miller

‘What wonderful gifts you have shared with all of us who attended the Melbourne MT workshop. I enjoyed every moment and resonate with this technique, it feels so right & amazing to me. Thank you so very much & come back soon. Love & Gratitude’, Jennifer

‘Thanks so much for a wonderful couple of days. it is such a beautiful modality, I have been telling my family all about it and am excited to do sessions with them. my cat has already had lots of treatments 🙂 Thanks again, lots of love’ Fern, Byron Bay

‘Hi Dominique, just to let you know the incredible results I’ve been having with MT. My partner Nathalie feels so much more relaxed and confident and she enjoys the sessions- if you remember she hated MT before- My sister, after only 1 treatment, started to write (has never before) and sleeps like a log ever since. She will continue with the sessions, as she feels her life changing for the better. I gave my 94 year old father a treatment today so we shall see what that brings forth. Let the Light Shine In !!’ C LB

‘Thank you so much for a fantastic workshops. I have been training and perusing this path for 8 years now and as a biologist by training I have really been exploring the interconnection between science and spirituality. The synchronicites around this course have been truly awesome – I love that! The course helped me to put more pieces of the jigsaw puzzle into place – I especially loved those maps and am fascinated how the 3D of all the aspects can fit together! I have had some personal deep revelations over night which are so so expanding and life enhancing.’ Sharon Miller

‘Just to say how very much we enjoyed our workshop with you last week. Thank you so much for all the information – both practical & philosophical. I can’t stop thinking about it! One thing’s for sure – the ‘seeds’ have definitely been sown, thanks to you.’ Kate & Barbara

‘Am writing to thank you for such a lovely experience this weekend. I felt quite odd and different yesterday. It’s amazing! Interesting to me how different this class was to my first one with you, so much new awareness and different people.’ Ellie Zayn Goldie

‘Hi Dominique, thank you so much for a phenomenal workshop! The doors that are opening for me are incredible! Infinite gratitude to you. xx’ Hayley Amanda Hammer

‘Really loved the course. Dominique is passionate, very knowlegeable, and gave a wonderful introduction to the technique. I’m so glad I came.’Carole Brook

‘I was looking for my purpose in life and I feel the metamorphic is going to help me. Thank you for the time and energy you shared over the last two days! It was a great course!’ Dian Crowley

‘I think I learned more than I expected. I needed to be in line again and this has fascilitated that. Thanks!’ Tania Gallindo

‘Just wanted to say thank you for the workshop. It was great and very interesting and I have been using MT every day since.’ Nicola Hull

‘Just wanted to thank you for a very eye opening workshop at the weekend. It was awe inspiring.’ Angela Tyson

‘Just wanted to say thank you for the workshop last weekend, it was both relaxing and inspiring and you have such a lovely way of teaching it.’ Karen Bramley

‘This workshop felt like plugging into an energy source! Many strands of intuitive ideas, thoughts and concepts were brought together and I now feel I have a more coherent understanding of my personal system, the world system and the ‘whole’ system of duality, unity consciousness and our source. I feel I have a powerful tool now literally at my fingertips. Thanks you Dominique for your inspiration.’ Frances Andre

‘I am so glad I took the step to do the workshop. I have learnt so much about myself and the decisions I have made in my life. I am looking forward to sharing this with my family and friends and can see myself going on to become a practitioner.’ Fiona Kabatoromuzee

More Loving

‘After only one treatment my husband has changed to a much more loving, kind and considerate person. He gives cuddles, kisses and more whereas in the past he has been quite unwilling to show his emotions. I am also delighted to say that he has cut down his working hours and he puts his family first. Quite unbelievable but true!’ T.A. – East Sussex


‘Metamorphic Touch provided through Dominique showed up in my life just at the perfect time.  Dominique’s gentle kindness and beautiful energy held the space I needed for transformation.  I could feel the energy working on many levels and was so grateful for the positive shifts I experienced, plus the deep feeling of peace and relaxation.’~ Goldie  www.goldiedenise.com

‘I wanted to let you know that the strangest thing that’s changed since Friday is that I went out on Saturday night, and danced like I’ve never danced beancer if I could only let go – and on Saturday I did.’ S. M. – London

Family and Children

‘I have done a couple of metamorphic sessions on my grandson Louis, and I am pleased to say that although his parents were told he had a hernia and would need an operation, he has just been for a scan and there is no sign of the hernia!’ Sarah Brooking

‘My children go through stages of begging for a treatment (“Mummy, can you metamorphic me, please”) every second night and then letting things be for a couple of weeks. I trust that they know what they need and how much. When I asked Laila why she liked MT: “It helps me sleep at night. It’s really good for my energy.” I asked her what she meant by that and her impatient response was: “I can’t explain it, Mum, but I know my energy is changing, it’s changing all the time and it’s getting better.” It has made me more aware of things that need to be done to develop to the next stage, and on the energetic level, I am absolutely more positive. I have explored things that I would have been less open to in the past and am now less inclined to apologise for who I am and the decisions I take.I am sure it’s different for every family but for us, MT has been an effective tool to prompt space-clearing and addressing of issues, which, naturally moves us forward.’ Rozalinda Buyong


‘After only two evenings of practicing Metamorphic on our 5 year old daughter there was an amazing change in her. She began life with a very difficult birth, was slow to speak and is now seemingly experiencing blocks in picking up reading & writing at school – dyslexia has been mentioned although she’s too young for an accurate assessment. Our relationship with her has always been very one sided verbally but after the technique she has, quite overnight, begun to externalise vocally. We’re now witness to the most wonderfully insignificant small talk and amusing asides resulting from her new found self-expression which may seem inconsequential but are actually astounding. They were obviously in her head before but she never, for whatever reason, felt the need to express them. She really has blossomed and seems more confident and self-assured and in a physical sense too, more grounded and sturdy.’ Nikki Lloyd

Moving Forward

‘People are loving the Metamorphic Touch. One lady I’ve been treating, said it had transformed her life, she studied Ayurvedic massage 5 years ago & had never put her notes in order they were just pushed under the bed & although she was practising – her practice hadn’t taken off. After the first treatment she sorted her notes out & filed them properly. Then she put together her c.v., took it into the local health store & they are interested in her working from there. After another session, the same lady called her aunt who she hadn’t spoken to in years. Another lady, who had never had a love relationship, is now madly in love with a man who loves her back. In fact her energy has completely changed.’ Nina Fanos

Life Change and Disability

‘When I began receiving metamorphic from Dominique I was at the beginning of a process of change in my life. I had made a break from a self destructive lifestyle. I was at a point where I knew what I did not want to do but I did not have any positive goals to aim towards. I was changing but I did not know what I was changing into. I was rejecting past behaviour but I did not know what I was embracing. Over an five month period I had fairly regular metamorphic sessions. I found the process surprisingly powerful. I am not an alternative therapy junky or even much of a convert and I went into the process with a good deal of skepticism about how such a simple physical treatment could have an effect on the mind. I was also uncertain about whether the treatment would work for me because of my disability. I have a spinal cord injury which means that I cannot move or feel from the chest down. I was therefore very surprised that during the sessions I was able to sense the energy of what Dominique was doing even without feeling her touch. I had a sense of relaxation and openness during the treatments. I found that my mind and my thoughts were freer and more honest. It was as if I had the security to hear and voice my heartfelt desires. After about five months I gave up my ideal job and decided to try and be a writer, an ambition that has been burning since childhood.’ Nick Clarke


‘Since I went on the Metamorphic course a year ago, I have transformed a great deal. I have also found that this transformation has been easy and effortless. I feel more ‘me’ than ever before. Old burdens and limiting patterns that I had collected along the way in this life, are now easily falling away to reveal the true ‘me’, my true Divinity. What I have gained from regularly practicing Metamorphic Technique is a deep feeling of peace. My diet has also changed and I have felt more motivated to clear my home of clutter (that alone is a bonus!). The best thing about Metamorphic is that I am experiencing my true essence now, I am able to live the life I want, now!’ Kiera Peterson