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Are you ready to make deep and lastings changes in a creative and magical way?
Do you want more clarity and empowerment in your life?
What can you & Life co-create when you work together at the deepest level?
How would you like to expand and upgrade every aspect of your life? 
Would you like to to connect to your soul’s wisdom and the infinite power of your being? 

A Soul Session is a voyage of discovery into what else is possible for you right now. Tuning into the deepest level of your being we will access and align to a blueprint for your expansion. A Soul Session will dramatically change your perception of who you are and who you can be.

When you go into the matrix of Life and work with consciousness at a Soul level you can create dynamic shifts in all areas of your life. Receive the inner guidance of your deepest truth and gain clarity around what will grow you the most right now. Work on a quantum level, connecting to parallel realities, alternate timelines and probable selves who have already actualised what you seek to experience. Fast track your growth and move out of struggle and limitation into the blossoming of your being. 

A Soul Session is about making quantum leaps and aligning to who you choose to be. 

These are deep and powerful sessions which are perfect if you want to:

-Make a profound shift in your life
-Discover what your next step is
-Uncover more of your purpose
-Get deep guidance around a new project, book, or business
-Heal an existing relationship
-Attract a new relationship
-Expand your being, your heart, and transform your relationship to yourself
-Feel more empowered, clear and on track
-Activate more love, aliveness and potency
-Work on health, rejuvenation and body issues
-Gain deep insights around your life’s challenges
-Deal with grief, loss, stuck-ness and challenge
-Align to a new blueprint for your being and let go of old limitations and challenges

‘Thanks Dominique. Seriously life changing stuff. xx’ Lucy

“Dominique is an amazing therapist. A Soul Session with her is an unbelievably deep and insightful experience. The energy which emerges during the session stays with you and helps to integrate the new lessons. If you are looking for a life changing therapy you need to try this one.” 
Katarzyna Rutkowska-Parkes, Life Alignment Practitioner

‘I’ve experienced a lot of Dominique’s work over the years, and have benefited loads. But I have a feeling this is her best work yet. Had a session last week and found it truly incredible. I think it will be reverberating through my life for some time to come.’ Liz Bygrave 

I had such a wonderful Soul Session with Dominique Mallee Meeroff today. The session was about connecting to my soul or Higher Self and from there connecting with a probable/future self who is further down my timeline and who could therefore give me some tips and advice. I was connected very quickly and was soon tuning into lots of relevant and practical information. So grateful for the insights. Love Steve Ahnael Nobel, author of Personal Transitions 
Please pay for your session below and send me a message through the contact form with a general idea of when you are available. I will get back to you and offer you a few different times to choose from. 
Soul Sessions
Sessions with Dominique take place over Skype and lasts approximately 90 minutes depending on what’s needed.
1 Session £125
2 Sessions £220 (Save £30)
3 Sessions £300 (Save £75)

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Free Discovery Session
If you would like to speak to me about what you want to work on or find out if a Soul Session can support you, please book your Free 20 Minute Discovery Session Now.

Dominique Mallee Meeroff is the creator of the Co-Creating with the Field teaching and processes She downloaded the method when, during a Conference for a New Humanity, she spontaneously left her body and found herself experiencing a massively upgraded version of herself. In that moment she knew that she had access to a method which could enable us all to become our best selves, for our own personal fulfilment, and so that we can make our greatest contribution to Humanity and the Planet.