Skype Sessions

Inner Alchemy

Dominique has trained in many modalities over the last 15 years including Theta Healing, Matrix Energetics, Quantum Psionics, and Access Consciousness.  She is the creator of various transformational systems including Vibrational Recalibration, Sacred Life Alchemy, Co-create with the Field Manifesting, Heart Listening and other Quantum approaches. Dominique is highly intuitive and will guide you through the right approach for you. 
Skype Sessions are useful when:
-You want to clear blocks, patterns or beliefs that hold you back
-You are facing a challenging situation 
-You have choices to make and are uncertain which path to take
-You want to tap into your heart’s creative power and direction 
-You want to access the visionary power of your heart to see what else is possible for you
-You are not manifesting what you really want in your life
-You want to connect to a new and higher version of yourself 
-You are ready to embrace more expansion
– You are ready to make a quantum shift in your life

Sessions last 1 hour or more, depending on what’s needed:
£85 (please book your session and I will get in touch to set up a time)