The New Easy

The new easy

Here we are, the people of the new era, tentatively taking our first steps into a whole new way of being. Like a butterfly’s first awkward movements when it slowly realizes that reaching those lofty heights will not be as hard as it once was, we are slowly discovering how easy life can be.

Let Life do it for you

Here on my winter break in Goa, Life whispers to me throughout the day. It speaks to me in a million different ways. It comes through symbols and stories that unfold in front of my eyes. Someone says something that sticks in my head, someone else demonsrates a new way of being, I notice myself going about things differently. Life says relax, go easy, trust, enjoy, let Life do the work for you. 

The struggle is over 

My friends at the yoga ashram practice in a new way. They move with their eyes closed. There is no need to be perfect. There is no competition. You simply feel it when it is right. After each posture they lie down and rest. It is ok to fall asleep. It is about stillness and relaxation. It is about being easy. 

I think back to my years of Astanga and Hatha yoga. Pushing, sore body, watching who did it best and wishing I could do that too. Now, I realise that all that efforting made sense in the masculine era where consciousness explored seperation, competition, striving and effort. Here in the feminine era of the heart, it is about letting Life move through us and letting Life do the work. 

Co-creating with Life

Every morning I speak to Life. I tell it what I want to co-create now. Then, and throughout the day, I listen. Right now Life whispers: ‘you don’t have to manifest your life with the same expectation of challenge and difficulty as there was in the past. Notice how supported you are, hear the guidance from within, enjoy your experience.’ 

Transfoming is easy

Metamorphic Touch is a practice for this new era, an embodiement of the ease with which the Life within you can transform your experience. There is no healing or fixing to be done.The practitioner is the earth, the client is the seed, and the metamorphic technique is a catalyst to the power of Life within.

Amazing shifts

Tme and time again I have seen people come to me stuck, unwell, depressed or unhappy, and leave with a renewed sense of who they are and what they want. They are surprised by what grows out of them, as if something much deeper than the personality has revealed itself. They are freed from doing and can just be as they are, allowing this new creativity to emerge.

Doing but not doing 

My work is simple: I touch them lovingly on their feet, hands and head on points that correspond to our time in the womb. This is a formative time where we set up the blueprint for our life ahead. There is no need to discuss issues or problems. We can simply be. I keep out of the way and let Life do the work of growing them.

An invitation

If you feel a calling to discover more of who you can be, to support others, or to become a practitioner, please join me to learn this unique and life changing practice. If you feel inspired to organise a workshop in your area do get in touch.


Wishing you much ease & grace, Dominique