Metamorphic Touch is a Transformational Technique

In 2004, I was a struggling musician. I busked in the London Underground to support myself and played with a band hoping to get a record deal. I was not a kid anymore and had been trying to get signed for a very long time. Something was very stuck.

I first heard about Metamorphic Technique in 2003, and finally went on the workshop in 2004. There I met a man who become a friend, teacher and mentor Gaston Saint-Pierre. 

My life changed dramatically after that first workshop. I stopped busking and magically manifested the money to buy a flat in London.

Then I studied various holistic modalities. I became a Metamorphic Technique practitioner in 2004 and in 2006 I started teaching it all around the world. 

I’ve been lucky enough to be invited to Australia 4 times, the US twice, Ireland, Paris, India and all over the UK. 

I also started developing my own transformational systems: Sacred Life Alchemy with my colleague Ella Owen, Co-Creating with the Field a unique form of Quantum Manifesting, and Heart Listening. 

All the while, my understanding of the transformation process expanded, and my teaching grew, and in 2017 I decided to call the work Metamorphic Touch, incorporating many new insights and approaches.

Metamorphic Touch is a powerful practice, powerful because Life is powerful, and in this work it its not the practitioner who transforms you, but the Life Force within you. 

In my years of teaching I’ve seen families that were breaking apart completely reinvent their lives, rekindle their relationship, and change their home, seemingly overnight. I’ve known children who would not speak start to communicate. I’ve seen physical symptoms disappear overnight and much more. Do read the blogs for more interesting metamorphic stories. 

If you’d like to learn, to support your own evolution, help your kids navigate tricky moments, reconnect with your partner or add a new modality to your practice please join me on a workshop or consider learning on Skype. 

There are two Skype workshops available. One is a four hour session focused on the family and home use. The other is a practitioner training which runs over two 4 hour sessions. 

I’m looking forward to sharing this unique approach to transformation with you. 

Much love, Dominique