Metamorphic Touch Workshops


Are you ready to get out of your own way and let Life transform you from within? 
Would you like to support your friends and family by letting them transform themselves?
Would you like to become a practitioner and work with clients! 
Discover a radically new approach to personal growth and evolution!

Our nine months in the womb is a formative time where we establish the blueprint for our life. Mum’s stresses during this period anchor patterns which will shape and challenge us later on. The metamorphic technique is a practice of gentle touch and unconditional love which acts as a catalyst to your life force, just as the earth is a catalyst to the seed.

By stroking points on the feet, hands and head, which correspond to our gestation time, we evoke the power of life within us, which knows how to to transform and grow us. We offer a free space in which the person can grow, authentically, from within.

This is for mums, reflexologists, practitioners, and anyone wanting to transform and move forwards in a gentle way. There is no need to discuss issues or problems.

The workshop is inspirational, a yes to life, full of aha moments, deep insights and a tool you can use on yourself, friends and family and become a practitioner.

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Metamorphic technique Workshops - Working with Kids

Learn to work with kids

Metamorphic Technique Workshops - Working with Animals

Learn to work with animals

Metamorphic Technique Workshops - Working with Yourself

Learn to work on yourself

 ‘It was a fantastic workshop’. Tracy Stoves