Co-Create with the Field Skype Workshop

Co-Create with the Field

Learn a powerful inner process to create more of what you want. Master a simple daily practice of working with the Field. This about becoming an artist whose canvas is your own life. This is for anyone who wants to create more awareness, more love, self-esteem, a soul mate relationship, harmony in your relationships, work that you love, abundance and flow, and anything else that makes your heart sing.

  • Empower yourself by consciously co-creating your reality
  • Accelerate your evolution & consciously step into the new heart centred paradigm
  • Develop greater self awareness
  • Create in harmony with the Field
  • Grow yourself & expand who you are
  • Upgrade your life & bring out more of your potential
  • Access your inner guidance & guidance from Life itself
  • Develop a greater sense of well-being and self-love
  • Clear blocks by creating new possibilities
  • Raise your vibration & create vibrational alignment with what you want
  • Seed new neural pathways that align you to your vision
  • Focus on any life area (relationship, money, work, home, parenting, life purpose etc…)
  • Work with old trauma, unresolved issues, and unintegrated parts
  • Access the wisdom of your future self
  • Create a soul mate relationship
  • Improve existing relationships
  • Access new skills & talents
  • Increase your capacity for more love, joy, peace & success
  • Raise your level of consciousness, transform your inner & outer worlds
  • Co-create with Life & let Life create through you
  • Navigate challenges with ease
  • Contribute more to Life
  • and much more……

‘Be an artist of consciousness. Your picture of reality is your most important creation. Make it powerfully profoundly beautiful.’ Alex Grey

This is  3 hour Skype Workshop, learning a set of amazing new tools & focusing on your personal journey.
Book your place here and contact me to set a time for your workshop. 

Co-Create with the Field ~ Manifesting Workshop £120

Feedback from participants

Excellent workshop with the beautiful Dominique that helped me get my life back into perspective and gave me coping mechanisms to move forward. If you know or suspect that you can create your own life, get in touch with Dominique and do the workshop xx Lucy Pappas 

Well that was a great manifesting workshop yesterday. It’s powerful when you show people how to go inside to transform their reality. A.N

Huge thanks to Dominique for her Co-creating with the Field workshop today – teaching a daily process of manifestation! So many useful techniques which I will start putting into practice! Y.V.R

This is an amazing practice. C.Burnett

Wonderful work! Highly recommended. G.Lewry

Highly recommended workshop! L.Bygrave

‘Is it possible that this is one of the most fun, quick and easy transformative life tools ever? My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed this magic weekend and its gentle, joyous and healing processes. Afterwards we both felt and looked different (as if we had cleared a lot of blocks and released a lot of sadness and emotional baggage). We will use the tools and processes we learnt forever. It truly appears to be – healing at the speed of the love!’ Zayn G Goldy
‘I don’t know where to start with thanking you for the most amazing evening last Wednesday.  I really felt as if I had stumbled across something really significant and powerful – and beautiful.’ Belinda, London 
‘I enjoyed the course so much, at one point I felt so Happy – that a Tears of Joy welled up in my Eyes, wonderful and so Heartfelt – also the people on the workshop, all seemed so happy and Friendly – I would recommend this “Inner Alchemy” to Everyone and Anyone. Thank you for such a wonderful workshop….’ Andy Chalmers

‘This is pure magic. My career is taking off in so many ways and my creative juices are flowing – I am writing books, I am being recognized for my ideas and talents at work and being included in high-level production meetings and brainstorming sessions at my magazine and I am tapping into creative reserves I never knew I had! Never before have information and opportunities come to me so easily and so quickly! My blocks to money and abundance have been swept away and I am finding resources in the most unlikely places at the most opportune times. Life is good! This work is great!” Alexandra Wenman, Prediction Magazine