Live Your Truth

Live your truth

Live Your Truth

2015 was a very interesting year for many of us. For me there was a lot of learning, a lot of letting go, and a lot of radical new thinking around how I can more fearlessly live my truth. In the last months of 2015 I met so many people who were going through a similar process. 

This evolutionary time inspires us towards greater authenticity. Whatever brings you joy will always point you in the direction of your blossoming.

In these final days of the year, take some time to really feel into how much you grew as person through all the experiences of 2015. 

Feel gratitude for every lesson, challenge and opportunity for growth, as well as for all the joyous moments you experienced. 

Make sure to let go of anything that no longer serves you: old grievances, resentment and judgements. Most of all take a moment to tune in to what parts of your own being are no longer beneficial. What beliefs have you grown out of, what attitudes are limiting you. All that old baggage, just leave it in the 2015.

Now imagine yourself consciously stepping into the new year.

As you connect to your heart, feel into the essence of the year ahead. What qualities are there: is it growth, is it building a new home or business, it is dismantling old structures, is it  some kind of rebirth? 

Ask your heart what it wants to create through you this year? Is it love, learning, adventure, community or service?

When we consciously complete the year in gratitude we can start the new year at a whole new level. 

We’re living in such unique times. On one hand, if we remain unconscious and keep abusing ourselves and the planet, we could perpetuate and amplify great suffering. On the other hand, if we awaken, get more conscious and take heart centred action, we may well be witnessing the rebirth of Humanity as we know it. 

Living your truth is the greatest contribution you can make to the planet. 

Wishing you much love on your journey, Dominique