Letting Life Transform Trauma


I recently got back from a trip to the States where I was reminded how amazing the Metamorphic Touch is for letting Life transform trauma. 


I flew in to teach in Atlanta and received an email. A friend had killed herself that morning. Her husband, a dear friend and student, was absolutely distraught. He could not sleep or eat. He was in peices. I headed straight over and offered him a session. As I stroked his feet, hands and head gently, he seemed to calm down, to breath a little more deeply. At the end of the session he said, finally I will be able to sleep. 

A traumatic experience

A woman came to me many years ago. A lorry (one of those giant delivery trucks) had driven into her living room while she was cooking in the kitchen with her five year old daughter. The crash was epic, it sounded like the end of the world. She was forced to move out of her home while the gaping hole was being fixed. Something in her was frozen, trapped in the shock of that life threatening event. During her session she suddenly started screaming and shaking, and releasing the fear and stress that was locked in her body. Afterwards she texted saying that it was the first time since the event that she felt normal. She came for a few more sessions and brought her child as well. 

Releasing old trauma

A very reserved gentleman came for a session. He did not say why he was coming, and I did as I always do, simply proceeded to stroke his feet, hands and head along points that correspond to our time in the womb. After the session finished he sat quietly with his eyes closed for some time. Then, out of nowhere, an explosion of sobs and tears, long held in. This carried on for quite a while. I said nothing and left him space to do what he needed to do. 

Life does the work

In this work we do not need to figure out what needs to be released, or what needs to be done. Life itself, working within and through the client, moves in whatever way it needs to. This makes our approach incredibly simple. We lightly stroke points that correspond to our time in the womb, where we establish the blueprint for our life. In essence we are simply acting as if we were the Earth, and the client the seed. We are there, a neutral catalyst to the transformational power of Life within the client. We know that they know how to grow themselves, out of trauma and into blossoming. We leave a free space in which whatever wants to happen can happen. 

An amazing tool at your fingertips

These challenging experiences will always take us by surprise. Something unexpected has occured and someone is in shock. What can we do? We can give them a session, if they are willing to receive, right there and then. 

Trauma tranformed

In my own Life I have also experienced a suicide within my family. At the time I felt completely shocked and traumatized. In retrospect I can now see how that experience made me very present and able to respond when it occurred in Atlanta last week. In every traumatic experience there is growth to be had, when we allow Life to move within us and grow us. In Peter Levine’s book Waking the Tiger, he points to the way animals release trauma. They do not stay frozen in the experience, but often physically shake their bodies to release any stuck energy. 

Finding a way that is right for you

Whether it is shaking or crying or something else, your Life Force, guided by your innate intelligence, knows how to heal you and transform challenge into growth. When we receive a Metamorphic Touch session, people often find they can access more of their deep inner reserves and resources. Knowing how to give a session in times like this is a great gift. 

Learning the Metamorphic Touch

This practice is easy to learn. the workshops run over two days. The principles of this work are expansive and illuminating, while the practice is simple, gentle and loving. It is something you can offer to anyone from a pregnant woman, a new born child or even someone who is dying. I invite you to join me on a workshop to learn this amazing approach to transformation from within. 

In 2004, I began training in Metamorphic Technique with it's founder, Gaston Saint-Pierre. I became a practitioner, then a teacher in 2006, which led me to run workshops all around the world. I then created Sacred Life Alchemy, the Co-Create with the Field Manifesting Process, and Heart Listening, three profound healing systems to transform your reality into more of what you want. In 2017, I renamed my  teaching Metamorphic Touch to reflect the new insights and perspectives I bring to this approach. Metamorphic Touch is a powerful healing modality to transform your life.