Metamorphic Touch Workshop ~ London

Metamorphic Technique
December 1, 2017 @ 6:00 pm – December 2, 2017 @ 5:00 pm Europe/London Timezone
00351 925 125 122

Metamorphic touch is an amazing practice for when you want to move forward in your life. Despite being easy to do and wonderful to receive it acts as a powerful catalyst to your own life Force, which knows how to grow you.

On a Metamorphic Touch Workshop we’ll cover things such as how our time in the womb is a formative time which shapes:

  • Our relationship to ourselves, sense of self and self worth
  • Romantic relationships, friendships and how we relate to others
  • Our work and life purpose
  • How we deal with transition and letting go
  • How we take action and move forwards
  • Our relationship to Life (feeling safe, nourished by life, and other core patterns)

The metamorphic touch offers an expansive and empowering view of the human experience. You will learn about a practice of unconditional love which leaves a free space in which people can transform authentically, from within.

This course is wonderful for anyone interested in transformation, letting go of limitations, and allowing their greatest potential to come to life. There is no previous experience required. After the workshop you can join a countrywide network of people who exchange sessions for free.

Metamorphic touch sessions can be given to anyone. There is no need to discuss issues or problems during sessions. The transformation will always be right for them as it comes from their own life force.

Metamorphic Touch is often used by:

  • People interested in personal development, healing and expansion
  • Mothers and pregnant women
  • People going through life or career change, bereavement, or challenges
  • Practitioners wanting to add a new modality
  • People who want to move forwards in their lives
  • Anyone feeling the impact of the transformational times we live in

Metamorphic Touch is an evolution of the Metamorphic Technique. Dominique Mallee Meeroff trained with the founder of the Metamorphic Technique and has been teaching workshops all around the world since 2006. 

Venue: 9 Manor Gardens, Holloway, London, N7 6LA

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