Metamorphic Touch & Dying

old couple

When we die we let go of our body, our personality, and go back to the formless dimension from which we came. Our last phase of life can play itself out in so many different ways. The way we choose to die also impacts on our family.

An elegant exit

Deepak Chopra described his father, a doctor, as a most elegant man.The family were in their living room watching the American elections. When the results were announced and George Bush won a second term, his father said ‘Right, that’s it, I’m off’ and died right there and then on the couch. The awareness, humour and elegance of this final act left a lightness for those he left behind.

Holding on

When people hold on their resistance can be painful for them as well as for their family. My grandmother took 6 months to go. My mother spent every day at the hospital, unable to focus on her business which she lost soon after, as well as our house.

Many ways to go

Gaston Saint Pierre, my teacher and the founder of the technique, received two sessions a day in his last months. He did not resist the transition before him. He said he was ready to go although his body was lagging behind. He wrote powerful poems which expressed his very essence. A kind of translucence came over him, a connection to the higher realms. Offering this gentle and non-invasive touch was a lovely way to spend time with him in those final days.

What is needed for transformation?

Gaston used to say ‘as long as there is life, there is the possibility of transformation’. But sometimes we need a catalyst, just as the seed needs the earth so that it can transform and grow into a plant.

Terminal illness

Caroline worked as a carer for a woman with terminal cancer who’d gone home to die. She was also attending a metamorphic course over 4 evenings. Each day she worked on the woman’s feet, hands and head. Slowly she noticed a kind of blossoming. The woman started to share her regrets over not marrying, not travelling or being more adventurous. One day,Caroline arrived to find her on the upper floor of the house engaged in a kind of ritual. Slowly she moved from object to object, picking them up one at a time as if she were saying goodbye.

On the last evening of the course Caroline walked home thinking ‘I’ll just give her a short 10 minute session.‘ A voice in her head said ‘Absolutely not, you must give her the full hour.’The next morning she woke earlier than usual and  found the woman curled up in foetal position with a peaceful look on her face. The relatives arrived and together they bathed her, lit candles, and put flowers around the house. They shared stories about the woman. The family was so grateful for the care she had received that they were very generous with Caroline who was then able to take her time to decide on her next step. What could have been a painful event for many people had a gentleness to it now, a sense of peace and release.

Loving touch

Metamorphic touch works so well in the last phase of life because it is non-invasive. We do not try to direct or heal the person, keeping out of the way so their life force can do what’s right for them. People often use it on elderly parents and some have taken it into care homes and hospices.

If you feel inspired to share this loving touch with friends or family, workshops run over one evening and one full day, or over a weekend. Or you can organize a workshop in your area or book a one on one. I also teach a workshop for home use on Skype for those who are far afield. 

Much love, Dominique

In 2004, I began training in Metamorphic Technique with it's founder, Gaston Saint-Pierre. I became a practitioner, then a teacher in 2006, which led me to run workshops all around the world. I then created Sacred Life Alchemy, the Co-Create with the Field Manifesting Process, and Heart Listening, three profound healing systems to transform your reality into more of what you want. In 2017, I renamed my  teaching Metamorphic Touch to reflect the new insights and perspectives I bring to this approach. Metamorphic Touch is a powerful healing modality to transform your life.