Dominique Mallee Meeroff

Dominique Mallee Meeroff embodies the very essence of transformation. She is a dynamic and inspirational international teacher and a powerful healer committed to empowering you and supporting your expansion and growth. 

After a turbulent upbringing growing up in Montreal, she left home to pursue her love of singing and songwriting, forming many bands and performing all over the world.

By 21 she was in Kingston Jamaica recording with the legendary rhythm section Sly & Robbie. She recorded with Mick Taylor of the Rolling Stones and wrote the theme song for the Canadian anti-racist organisation S.O.S Racism.

After moving to New York City she found herself in the thrall of an addiction to hard drugs which she eventually transformed on her own, then moved to London to start over again. This was a formative experience which taught her that no matter how great the challenge, we all have the power to transform our life.

By day she sang in the London Underground, and by night in clubs with her band. By the late 90’s her spine developed a deep curvature which left her in tremendous pain. She explored many healing modalities. Often the practitioners would tell her ‘you must let go of the music, you are a healer.’ Still, for time, she continued along the old path.

Through her exploration of many forms of alternative medicine her spine was completely healed, and in 2004, within the space of one week she decided to let go of her old identity and step into the unknown.

On a Reflexology course she met a woman who brought in a book on the Metamorphic Technique, telling her it was important that she read it. Dominique deeply resonated with its guiding principle: that the Life Force within each one can transform us.

She discovered that the founder of the practice, a fellow Canadian, lived just down the road in South London. On her first Metamorphic Technique workshop she found a friend, a mentor and a champion in Gaston Saint Pierre. From 2004 until his death in 2011 he taught, challenged and inspired her.

After practicing for a year she had a vision, whilst receiving a session, of herself teaching the technique. Although this image was beyond anything she had envisioned for her life, she said Yes, and nine months later she was teaching her first retreat in India. Dominique was one of the busiest Metamorphic Technique teachers and taught all around the world.

In 2008, on the Summer Solstice of June 21st, Dominique and her colleague Ella Owen had an unexpected download of information around how to transform patterns that shape and challenge us by using simple energetic corrections and more complex forms of inner technology. For five years they built a huge body of work, giving sessions, workshops, and created the Vital Radiance Anti Ageing & Beauty Program.

In 2013, after Ella retired from the work, Dominique again had powerful experience at the Conference for Consciousness and Human Evolution. She found herself floating above her body and experienced an ecstatic state as she became different version of herself, expanded in every possible way. There was more health, radiance, empowerment, abundance, love, purpose, ease and joy. Her immediate thought was ‘If we are all just cells in the body of Humanity, every single person on the planet needs to realise their best self so that the whole of Humanity can be well.’

This led her to create a body of work teaching people to Co-Create with the Field. This new inner technology is powerful and deep, but simple enough that everyone can do it.

In 2017, realising that her Metamorphic teaching had grown and now encompassed many new insights, she renamed her work Metamorphic Touch. She also moved to the mountains of Central Portugal to build a home in nature and a retreat centre. She travels all over the world teaching workshops and giving sessions. 

Because she has lived through her own powerful transformation, she is passionate about empowering others to make their own quantum leaps so that we can all contribute to the evolution of Humanity by living our greatest potential.