3 Signs That You May Be In Transformation

In transformation

We are all energy beings and when we transform it can look very different from person to person. Some of us transform with a bit of drama. For others it all happens quietly under the surface. Because transformation is the movement of your own life force, guided by your innate intelligence, it will have it’s own unique way of growing you. 

1-Whatever is transforming will come up to the surface

Often the pattern that is transforming comes up to the surface as it works it’s way through. This means that suddently you feel the discomfort of the pattern in it’s all it’s intensity. With metamorphic touch we call this the regressive pattern. Often people with long standing patterns like deppression or alcoholism transform life long ways of being after sessions, but there can be a bit of bump in the process. At times, people who were managing their addiction through a 12 step program suddenly fall off the wagon for a week or two. After that, they seem to lose the desire to drink or the need for the program and they embark on new lives feeling freed up and more in tune with themselves.

2-Nothing big happens but you feel different

For others transformation can unfold gently and imperceptibly. There is no big change after sessions, or any obvious sign of growth or movement. And yet, it all unfolds in the right way, as their movement comes from within. A woman came for weekly sessions for a year. Week on week I did not notice anything different about her, but over time a whole new being emerged. She expressed more beauty and charisma, her social life blossomed, and her work entered a whole new phase. 

3-You feel cold or tired

Sometimes when we transform our whole body goes cold. On the metamorphic teacher training I was frozen. It was 85 degrees outside and I needed to be wrapped up in two blankets. That night I went out in what felt like an altered state. The world around me felt strange and uncomfortable. I ran round to see all my healer friends asking for flower essences and homeopathic remedies to make me come back down to earth. The next day when told my teacher Gaston Saint Pierre about my experience he said: ‘How interesting, you were in transformation and you tried to do something about it. “ After that I noticed a huge heart opening, as if layers of protection had just dropped away. Suddenly I felt safe in the world, and my lifelong feeling of being an outsider disappeared. 

Notice the facts & let it be

In the 10 years I have been doing this work, as well as being on my own transformational journey, I have noticed that every time there is something uncomfortable going on it is transformation. When the caterpillar deconstructs itself to be born anew there is discomfort in  letting go of the old identity. The best thing you can do is notice the facts ‘I feel uncomfortable right now’ and just let it be. If we keep out the way, our life force can do what it needs to. If we contract and let the personality shut down and protect, we can block our own evolution. 

Trusting Life

This is where a deeper trust in Life comes into play. This trust in Life is the very essence of the metamorphic touch. This is not a practice which seeks to fix or heal. We trust Life, we know that the movement of Life is transformation. And when we keep out of the way, Life will seek to grow us, just as it grows all of nature.

Learning Metamorphic Touch

If you would like to learn Metamorphic Touch you can join me for a scheduled workshop, organise a workshop in your area or learn over Skype. Please contact me for more information. .

In 2004, I began training in Metamorphic Technique with it's founder, Gaston Saint-Pierre. I became a practitioner, then a teacher in 2006, which led me to run workshops all around the world. I then created Sacred Life Alchemy, the Co-Create with the Field Manifesting Process, and Heart Listening, three profound healing systems to transform your reality into more of what you want. In 2017, I renamed my  teaching Metamorphic Touch to reflect the new insights and perspectives I bring to this approach. Metamorphic Touch is a powerful healing modality to transform your life.